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For a cleaner river is a project supported financially by RECYC-QUÉBEC as the result of a call for proposals to promote reduction in the use and disposal of single-use plastics. This collaboration, together with participating municipalities, will see the installation of washing machine microfibre filters in the homes of residents who want to fight the plastic microfibre problem.

Microfibre filters: What are plastic microfibres?

They are plastic particles smaller than 5 mm, which are shed by today’s synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and spandex. 

When these fabrics are washed, they release microfibres, which end up in our waterways. Practically indestructible, they accumulate in the food chain, making their way onto our dinner plates.

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“Each year, in Canada and the United States, about 880 tons of microfibres are released into waterways, and the oceans.”

Source : Radio-Canada, 2019

Why invest in a washing machine microfibre filter?

A first for Quebec

This project is a first for the province. Be one of the pioneers of this initiative!

Environmental protection

In early 2020, the city of Parry Sound, Ontario, was able to divert 7 kg of fibre, in one year, thanks to microfibre filters installed in 70 volunteer homes. This represents almost 3 million fewer microfibre particles in the Great Lakes.

Better health

Less microfibre plastic in our waterways and in the stomachs of marine biodiversity, less microfibre plastic on our plates and in our drinking water!

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Plastic microfibre filter grant

Washing machine filters have been developed in order to reduce the amount of microfibres released into the environment. They trap at least 87% of microfibres, which our wastewater treatment plants cannot filter out before they make their way into the St. Lawrence River, and finally, in our oceans.

The GRAME offers grants to acquire a plastic microfibre filter. In collaboration with participating cities, GRAME will reimburse the cost of the filters. Residents will only need to pay QST/GST.


Participating municipalities

Upcoming Participating Cities

Interested in having your municipality participate in the grant program? Share our page with them and complete this form!

Interested in having your municipality participate in the grant program? Share our page with them and complete this form!

You work for a municipality and want to know more about our program? Contact us for more information!


Validation of the request

Please ensure that you have proof of residency. You will receive instructions by email to order your filter from the supplier.

You pay the taxes

The grant covers all costs except taxes, which are approximately $25. The supplier will ship the filter to the address provided within 30 business days.

The grant may have run out

Your municipality is participating in the grant program but you can't find it in the drop-down menu? Then the funds for that municipality are exhausted!

For more information, visit our frequently asked questions!

Apply for a grant

Proof of residence

How do I apply?

If your municipality is participating in the program, but you can’t find its name in the drop-down form menu, this means grant funds have all been used. We suggest you contact your city directly to see what solutions it can provide you.

Découvrez l’expérience de nos ambassadeur.e.s!

Dans le cadre du programme, 20 ambassadeur.e.s ont accepté de documenter leur expérience avec leur filtre à microfibres afin de vous éclairer dans votre choix de vous en procurez un. Découvrez leur expérience!

Frequently asked questions

Yes. A wall mount is also available at no extra cost.

First of all, contact your municipality to ask it to join the GRAME’s program. To do this, you can send a link to this page and tell them to contact us directly at gmr@grame.org.

Alternatively, you can invest in a filter directly, via the supplier’s website. The cost of a microfibre filter is about $180 + taxes + delivery fee. 

Once GRAME has verified your application, we will provide you with a unique code you can use on the hyperlink we’ll send you. The code allows you to deduct the price of the filter, leaving you to pay only the taxes and delivery (between $30 and $40). The unique code we send you will remain valid for 1 month.

The supplier will send the filter to the address provided within 30 business days of the order.

Filters are very easy to install. It takes 15 minutes. Your kit will contain:

  • 3 feet of 1-inch hose
  • 3 stainless steel clamps
  • A 1-inch hose connector
  • 2 U-shaped clamps
  • Screws for mounting
  • An installation instruction booklet
  • A wall mount is also available at no extra cost

For further information, read our information booklet.

Once the filter chamber is visually obstructed by lint, it’s time to clean it. Cleaning will be needed after every 2-3 wash loads. The filter chamber can be easily lowered with a 1/8th counterclockwise turn. The stainless steel mesh can then be lowered from the housing and removed from the chamber. Remove the lint found on the outside of the screen. Once everything has been cleaned, the screen can be reinserted in the filter chamber. Rotate the chamber a 1/8th-turn clockwise, and it will lock in place. A lock mark will indicate that you have correctly inserted it.

To clean, degrease and deodorize the filter, it is best to use hot water, vinegar, baking soda and a bottle cleaning brush.

For any problem or breakage, refer to the supplier’s return and exchange policy, available here. Filters are guaranteed for 5 years. The supplier sells replacement parts if needed. 

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