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Ensemble on verdit is a campaign by the GRAME whose objective is planting trees on residential lots in participating municipalities.

The first campaign is officially over!

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Maintenance tips for your tree

It’s important to water the tree every other day during the first week after planting. For the rest of the first year, regular watering (once a week) is important. This will ensure that much of the soil is soaked with water, allowing the roots to spread further. During a drought, watering is particularly important. Recommended watering method:
  • Fill the planting basin (mulch circle) with water and wait for it to soak the soil. Repeat a second time.
  • Another option is to use a watering hose with a low flow for 15 to 30 consecutive minutes.
In the fall, before the frost, water conifers well, as they usually need reserves for the winter.


Check out our trees

Consult our list of tree species available for planting, carefully selected by our experts. Please note that not all species are available for all territories.

Frequently asked questions

Before purchase

For tree replacements, be aware of the regulations provided by your inspector to ensure that your tree is planted in a suitable location.

The trees offered in this program comply with the regulations that apply to tree replacement criteria in our partner cities.

The trees are subsidized by municipalities, allowing you to replace your trees at a lower cost. All prices included a planting service. By making tree planting accessible, we are greening our communities together.

Trees all have different needs in terms of sunlight and space required. These criteria must be respected in order to have the right tree in the right place.

In order to choose the right tree, first determine the space you have available for it, taking into account its size at maturity (available on our online store). Make sure you know the characteristics of your property (see How do I choose the right location for the tree? for more informations).

Finally, all that remains is to choose a tree that you will enjoy for years to come.

In order to determine the right location, you’ll need to know the characteristics of the tree that interests you and of your property. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my property sunny, shady or somewhere in between?
    • If the area where you want to plant seems to receive sunlight all day, it’s a sunny area. If the amount of sunlight varies during the day, it is partially shady. If the area receives minimal sunlight, it is a shady area.
  • Are there any underground infrastructure lines? (Visit the Info-Excavation website to answer that question)
  • Does the foliage of the tree pose a risk of reaching neighbouring properties or gutters? (Consider height and width at maturity)
  • Is the tree near a parking area? (Please take into account the seeds or fruits of the tree)
  • What are the boundaries of my property? (Refer to your house plan)

Once you’ve determined the specific characteristics of your property, it will be easier to determine which tree species corresponds to your needs. To pick one or more tree species corresponding to your needs, check the information provided in the online store.

Info-Excavation is a free service of locate requests processing. Before doing work on your property, including tree planting, you need to put in a request with info-ex. This way, you’ll be aware of any underground structures on your property and will be able to find a safe planting spot for your tree.

In your request, you can include this information:
– The tree planting hole is 0.5 m deep;
– The planting does not require heavy machinery (a shovel is used).

At the time of planting, the deciduous trees are of an average height of 2.5 meters high, and the coniferous trees an average height of 1.5 meters high.

Consult the information of each tree on our online store to find out their average height.

Consult the fact sheets for each tree on our online store to find out the amount of sunlight they require.

Consult the factsheets for each tree on our online store to find out which ones have an average size appropriate for the space available on your property.

You can buy as many trees as you like. Please note there may be specific criteria for your municipality. If so, this information will be indicated on your municipality online store.

Please note we have another program, ICI on verdit, that provides a turnkey planting project at low cost for institutions, companies and commercial buildings

Yes, you can. However, if you are not the property owner, you must obtain the necessary permissions before planting the tree.

Yes, you can help with our greening projects.

To find out how you can help improve our projects, for example by making a donation, visit the GRAME website for more information.

After purchase

There is a one-year replacement guarantee on planted trees, provided that you have carried out the maintenance necessary for their survival (especially watering and protection) and that the death of the trees was not due to damage caused by human activity (e.g. trimming, snow removal).
If any trees have died, are seriously diseased or unhealthy, and there is clear evidence of neglect or malfeasance on any of them, you will have to pay for a new tree.

To learn about the terms and conditions of the Ensemble on verdit campaign, click here

First, we dig a hole large enough for the roots, to which we apply Mycorrhiza. We add compost potting mix to close the hole. A mulch “doughnut” is then created to protect the tree from several stressors. When we leave, we will collect all the waste (stones, soil, bags, etc.) caused by our work.

The GRAME is not responsible for breakage of underground lines. The resident must ensure that they take the necessary steps to ensure safe planting (visit the Info-Excavation website).

If you have any problems with your tree.s, you may contact us, and we will follow up with you in regard to the survival of your tree.s and the guarantee, if applicable.

We ask every resident to take good care of their tree. You will receive a leaflet explaining the correct maintenance techniques. You can also visit our Maintenance tips section.

You must also inform contractors carrying out work on the planting site.s, including lawn maintenance, of the presence of trees, the conditions required for their proper development and the need to protect them when an action poses a risk to their integrity, in particular using an edger to cut grass.

Autumn and spring are the best times to plant trees. We avoid planting during the hot months of the year.

Exchanges are possible before the confirmation of your tree planting. Visit our Contact section.

A tree can be replaced with the same type as the one purchased if it has died from causes other than poor maintenance.

A request must be made to Info-Excavation for the property where the planting will occur. Depending on the presence or absence of underground networks (electricity, gas, fibre optics, etc.), a member of Info-Excavation’s staff may come to the site to mark off the areas that are not being excavated.

When choosing the location of the tree.s, residents must respect:

  • the plans of private underground networks (irrigation, electricity, etc.), insofar as these are available.
  • the property cadastral limits and municipal rights-of-way, if applicable.

When you complete your purchase, take a moment to read the campaign and plantation modalities.

You can request a refund for a tree or trees up to 10 days after purchase. Once a tree has been planted, it cannot be refunded. If the refund period has passed and the client does not wish to continue receiving the service, the tree becomes the property of GRAME. Refunds are made to the credit card used online for the original purchase. 

To learn about the terms and conditions of the Ensemble on verdit campaign, click here

  • Auclair et frères
  • Lanctôt et frères
  • Pépinière Dominic Savio
  • Pépinière Villeneuve

It is important for the GRAME to work with suppliers who share its environmental values, especially concerning the biodiversity of our urban forests. Furthermore, working with different suppliers allows us to offer a larger variety of tree species.