This is an English version of the French work published in 2010 which was presented at the last World Congress on Energy in Montreal. The positive reception of publication of this book prompted us to translate the work into English.           
We believe that publication of this English version is particularly timely, in the light of current issues such as the Keystone XL project and the possible export of Canadian oil to Asia. This book is especially relevant considering the ongoing debates over broad energy policy and global climate change.  Together with energy efficiency, the development of renewable energy sources is a key issue. It is critical that the relative advantages and limitations of these sources be understood from a sustainable development perspective and that appropriate policy frameworks be in place. This is the focus of this book.
LEFEBVRE Jean-François, MOREAU Nicole, THÉORÊT Jonathan, Renewable energy : myths and obstacles, Montreal, Edition GRAME, 2013, 190 p.
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Principal authors are Jean-François Lefebvre, final year PhD researcher and lecturer at UQAM, Nicole Moreau, environmental, energy and taxation analyst, GRAME's Director-General Jonathan Théorêt as well as several collaborators.